Professional Equipment


ToolsWe take great pride in the fact that we have extremely well-equipped service vehicles.

We believe that it is advantageous to provide our service technicians with the right tools for the job and to be sure they have all types of tools necessary to accomplish vehicle & Boat services in the best, most efficient, safe and timely way.

The Right Tools for The Job

When it comes to servicing your vehicles or boats, YMT has all the right tools for the job. With the latest tools and equipment in the industry, our service vehicles have what it takes to service & detail your vehicles and boats professionally and affordably.

Our self-contained vehicle is specially designed to hold a large capacity of fresh oil, old oil and old and new coolant, plus many assorted oil filters and tools.

Our heavy-duty mobile unit also carries powerful compressors so we can operate 1-inch impact tools for diesel applications.

Products Used

YMT can get you just about any type of fluid you may want for your vehicle’s maintenance. Many different weights and variations are available. We are reasonably priced and if you want your own type of fluid, please call before the job is performed.

All of our prices vary if you want to use something other than our standard products.

Choosing the right oil for your vehicle’s maintenance is really a matter of finding the right compromise. There are so many types of oils and lubricants available today and so many variations, weights and blends to meet various conditions.

If money and availability are no object and only the best is desired, the choices can be greatly narrowed.

Most fleet maintenance has very restricted cost boundaries; therefore, a compromise between price, availability, and performance must be achieved. The most important aspect is to be sure the lubricant meets the vehicle manufacturer’s required specification.

And, of course, the brand that YMT stocks does just that.

Next, the lubricant needs to be changed at, or sooner than, the recommended intervals, depending on usage.

Lastly, materials and services need to fit the budget.

  • All sales and services are final.
  • Parts utilized are subject to manufacturer’s warranty/guidelines only. No additional warranty is available.
  • With any product bought from YMT, the warranty will be taken up with the manufacturer of the part.
  • YMT only warranties our labor on installs.
  • We will not be responsible for manufacturer’s defects.
  • We carry environmentally friendly products.