Detailing Packages

Mobile Pressure Washing

Service Plans

YMT's Mobile Detailing is dedicated to providing the highest quality details and most efficient service possible to our customers. We have bundled our services into convenient weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly plans.

With our service plans you can have YMT at your home or office on a regular basis, with no appointments to set up. Also our customers will benefit from a fixed rate for the entire year.

We understand the need for convenience and with these plans you decide what best works for your busy schedule. Our weather policy will apply on every appointment.

Weather Policy: YMT is not responsible for what God decides to do with the weather each day. If your scheduled appointment falls on a rainy day, we will do our best to fit you back in as soon as possible.

Weekly Service Plan

This plan is recommended for customers who put higher amounts of wear and tear on their vehicles. For those who drive clients around day to day or just want the best overall look and protection for their vehicles.

The weekly service plan is especially good for customers who do not have access to a garage or canopy to park under. Also for those who have pets that ride in the car frequently. You pay a weekly fee of a lower cost for all services for a minimum of one month.

Bi-Weekly Service Plan

This plan is designed for busy executives as well as on-the-go moms who do not have time to take their car in for a wash or find time in the day to schedule and wait on an appointment. Whether you’re hauling clients around or just the kids this is a great plan for you.

This is our most popular plan. You pay a bi-monthly fee of a lower cost for all services for a minimum of a month.

Monthly Service Plan

Our monthly service plan is great for those individuals who like to keep their car well protected through the changing seasons. This plan is recommended for those who do not put as many miles on their vehicle or who do not have access to a garage or canopy.

The monthly service plan is a great choice for those who want their car protected and maintained throughout the year. You pay a monthly fee of a lower cost for all services for a minimum of 2 months.

Quarterly Service Plan

The quarterly service plan is a great choice for customers who need long term protection for their vehicles. We recommend at least a quarterly plan for your vehicle to ensure that the paint and interior stays well preserved. This plan is only available for our professional detail.

Please call us at (919)730-9105 to set up a YMT DETAIL PLAN of your choice on a billing basis. All detailing is done by appointment with the exception of a Basic Wash or a Quick Maintenance Detail. Either of these can be done on the spot permitted we have time available and we are in your service area. Just call to see where we will be next.


  • $2 per linear foot for exterior wash
  • $8 per linear foot for exterior wash, hand wax and hand applied Teflon paint sealant. The sealant lasts 6 months to a year and has a UV filter which acts as a sunscreen to further protect your vehicles finish.
  • We do not provide buffing or oxidation removal services for RV's.



Boats have different materials, paint and coatings, which means that auto detailing products are ineffective on boats.

We detail Wakeboard boats, open bow, pontoons and all types of jet skis.

Our services include washing, rug and upholstery cleaning, water spot removal (depending on how bad water damage is), buffing, polishing, fiberglass and paint sealants, and vinyl treatments and protectant.

Prices vary depending on the services performed and the size and condition of your water craft.

Please call Brandon at 919-730-9105 for general estimates.


(CALL (919) 730-9105 OR EMAIL FOR a QUOTE)

In order to give an accurate quote, we may desire to see the vehicle in person.

  • Odor and Mold Removal
  • Bug and tar removal
  • Spot and stain removal
  • Vinyl clean and protection
  • Leather clean and protection
  • Carpet and fabric guard protection
  • Carpet/Upholstery shampoo
  • Convertible top cleaning
  • Wheel polishing
  • Overspray removal