Boat Stereo Installations

Here at YMT, we strive to make your boating fun and exciting.

That's why we offer professional on-site installations. Whether you are starting from scratch or want to customize your system with LEDs, subs, or even TVs, we do it all.

From ski boats to cruisers, we have the solutions for your stereo needs. We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of entertainment. Our certified electronics system technicians have been trained to design marine audio systems fit for the harsh marine environment that also provide the highest quality sound reproduction in an open-air setting.

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Specializing in Marine Stereo and Entertainment Applications

Yacht AudioWe specialize in marine stereo applications. Keeping in mind that most boats come factory-equipped with a minimal to no stereo system … why not enjoy the same sounds you do in your car or home?

Simply upgrading the factory deck and speakers will greatly enhance your listening enjoyment.

For some, that may be enough, but for the music enthusiast, this is merely a drop in the water.

Stereo head units, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, flat panel televisions, flip-down TVs, Playstation/Nintendo/Xbox and other audio and home entertainment equipment can be custom installed on your investment.

Our experienced staff can help accommodate the need for more sound and audio on any style boat. We take pride in what we do here at YMT, so you can enjoy what we do for you. Why just go sightseeing on vacation when you can also enjoy popcorn and a movie all in the comfort of your own boat?!

The Ultimate Entertainment Experience!

FlatscreenMany yachters take their boats out for weeks at a time. Enjoy those quiet evenings with the family and friends with more than books and board games … Keep the kids entertained with their favorite DVDs or video games! Our professional staff can install TV monitors and surround sound to your system for the ultimate experience.

IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES! Think of it as your home away from home.



For Wakeboarders

Tower SpeakersFor the wakeboarders, we have a large line of equipment specifically geared towards you! We offer installation of tower speakers, tower lighting, etc.

Since we are avid wakeboarders ourselves, we know how wakeboard performances are synchronized to music. It is not only important to hear the music from a distance and over the roar of the engine, but it is also necessary to put on a show for the spectators.

Crisp, clean, LOUD music will enhance the boarder’s riding style and how others look at you when you ride by!

Don't forget, YMT works on cars too!

So if your tow truck for your boat has some needs, give us a call.