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Fishing BoatOil Change

Regular oil changes will extend the life and performance of your boat's engine. We recommend an oil change every 50 hours. Our mobile oil change service includes oil filter, up to 5 quarts of oil, and labor. OEM oil filters are used on all engines. We even use an oil diaper to make sure no oil spills into the bilge area.


Make sure your boat is running efficiently with a minor tune-up. We recommend replacing the spark plugs, distributor cap & rotor and cleaning the fuel system.

Prices are determined at service time and may change with package pricing.

Winterization/De-Winterization Services

YMT Boat FlierIf left unprotected, your boat can endure serious damage during the winter months, causing you plenty of expense and headaches when boating season starts. Protect your investment and make sure your boat is winterized. Our complete winterization service not only protects against a possible hard freeze, but also keeps the fuel stabilized and lubricates the internal cylinder walls of the engine.

Winterization Package

Includes all chemicals and labor

  • Start boat & run to maximum operating temperature (if not in the water, you supply the water and hook up)
  • Add fuel stabilizer to fuel tank & chase with gasoline
  • Allow fuel stabilizer to circulate throughout fuel system
  • Fog engine cylinders with fogging oil & stall engine if carb. engine
  • Drain water from block plugs
  • Drain water from exhaust manifold plugs
  • Drain water from water trap hose
  • Drain water from main circulation pump & impeller pump hoses
  • Disconnect battery power
  • Place winterized tag around steering wheel

De-Winterization Package

Get ready for a high-performance boating season with our specially designed de-winterization package. Not only will our experts check over the entire boat, you will also receive a thorough, printed-out pre-season boat inspection report at no extra cost.

Pre-Season Boat Inspection Free with De-Winterization

Inspection consists of:

  • Engine Checks
    • Battery - Inspect & check voltage
    • Battery Cables - Inspect
    • Belts - Inspect
    • Bilge Pump - Test
    • Blower Motor - Test
    • Drive Oil - Check fluid level - sterndrive
    • Engine Oil - Check fluid level & condition
    • Hoses - Inspect & tighten
    • Hydraulic Fluid - Check fluid level - sterndrive
    • Flame Arrestor - Inspect
    • Power Steering - Check fluid level - sterndrive
    • Transmission Fluid - Check fluid level & condition - inboard
    • Water Separating Fuel Filter - Inspect
  • Gauges
    • Fuel - Check function & reading
    • Oil Pressure - Check function & reading
    • Temperature - Check function & reading
    • Volts - Check function & reading

Sound System Installations & Tower Options

Need a stereo, amplifier, speakers, tower speakers, tower lights, LED's, neons, or complete sound system installed or replaced in your boat?

Not only do we sell the equipment, we also install it.

Let our professionals handle the task. We offer some of the best products in the industry. We carry Liquid Audio name brand tower speakers and tower lights. You can visit to see all products.