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YMT Auto Services

Monthly Maintained Vehicle Plan Package

Our Monthly Maintained Vehicle Plan Package is the way to go for those who don’t have the time or who always seem to forget their vehicles' scheduled intervals.

We will automatically schedule you in, once a month, for a top-off of all fluids, general engine inspection, multi-point vehicle inspection, check brakes, complete computer diagnoses, check freeze frame information, basic wash & vacuum, and give you a print-out copy of complete service reports and upcoming needed services at a set price of $40 a month for a car and $50 a month for an SUV. (Prices are set within our service area zones).

Another advantage for those that have a Monthly Maintained Vehicle Plan Package is that they will receive 20% off the first extra service or minor repair needed within that month.

For example, if we come to you and say, "You need a fuel injector flush due to carbon build up," you will get a 20% discount on that service or minor repair just because you are a part of the Monthly Plan. A discount each month adds up to big savings and a vehicle that is going to out-perform and out-last all the vehicles you have had in the past.

Please call if you are interested in our Multi-Car Monthly Maintained Vehicle Package Plan. The savings only get better!