YMT Auto Services

Get multi car discountsIf you and a friend need to get your cars serviced, if you schedule on the same day at the same place at the same time … both parties will receive $5 off!

Also, if there are more, you could save yourself up to a 60% discount! This is very easy for you and your fellow employees to benefit from because we will come by your work and do it while you are on the clock. You never have to leave. No more long lunch breaks, or ‘I'll just get it done next week.' We take care of it, while you take care of what you need to do.



3000-mile service

5000-mile service

1 0% $56.50 $76.50
2-5 25% $42.38 $57.38
6-10 50% $28.50 $38.25
11+ 60% $22.60 $30.60


  • Prices above include up to 5 quarts of engine oil.
  • Additional quarts are more. Price varies depending on standard or synthetic.
  • 3000-mile oil service is recommended with the use of standard oil and OEM (original equipment manufactured) parts.
  • 5000-mile oil service is recommended with the use of synthetic oil due to the synthetic blends and high temperature and longer breakdown time of product.
  • YMT always strives to use OEM (original equipment manufactured) parts as much as possible.
  • Diesel cars, trucks, and vans are not included in the above pricing.
  • Pricing subject to change depending on name brand of oil you request.
  • Please see our service area zones for charges that may apply depending on your service location. Discounts are available for multi-vehicles and senior citizens.